About us

THINK Q is a Performance Improvement consultancy specialising in helping its clients to develop and improve their operations. Our consultants have been involved in several successful cultural and structural change management initiatives, that has helped return companies to profitability, implemented succession planning and talent development programs, and helped companies design and launch their corporate social responsibility programs.

We’ll work closely with you to plan and deliver highly successful marketing strategies and communication solutions. We’ve helped businesses and organizations of all sizes, on a range of projects, from strategic marketing programs to one-off PR and digital media campaigns.

We’re experienced, results-orientated business advisers, with masses of practical, hands-on marketing, PR and communications experience and once we understand your needs, we’ll get down to work. Through a creative, disciplined and hands-on approach, we can help your business to raise its profile and get you noticed by customers and target audiences.


To be the unique voice that represents the public relations and communication profession globally.

Our Mission

Helping organizations thrive with effective communications strategies. We help companies and organizations find better ways to communicate and connect with the full range of stakeholders to build, grow and reach new heights.

Aiming vibrant Agency that challenges itself every day to leverage best practices through a diverse set of communication services and creativity to achieve excellence. We hold the true essence of teamwork, adding value in everything we do.


THINK Q’s core value proposition is to assist its clients with identifying, planning and implementing operational performance improvement initiatives, in order to achieve operational performance excellence. Major Values include:

  • We will adopt the highest standards of honesty and integrity, professionally and personally, individually and collectively
  • We will be transparent in our dealings with both our clients and suppliers
  • We will place our client’s interest ahead of our own.
  • We are modern, progressive and balanced in our outlook.
  • We will conserve our resources to meet unforeseen circumstances.

Goals & Objectives

We can help you to:

  • get a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs
  • turn your long- term business vision into a workable marketing, PR and communications action plan, with tactical milestones
  • stand out in your market place and make the competition sit up
  • provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it a small or a large organization.